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Why do you require roof Leak Repair Now?

Apr 26


A leak in your roof could cause a lot of damage to your house. The water inside your home could cause structural damage, or even a complete roof collapse.

Here are some possible outcomes of water entering your home through the roof.


  • Make sure you have an environment that is safe for mildew and mold to thrive.

  • Cause wood rot

  • Soak up the sun and relax your walls

  • Your entire roof will fail

  • Water, Mold, or Mildew

Mildew and mold thrive in dark, damp conditions. It can be harmful to your health, and it's an issue you need to address immediately. It is important to check your attic for spots of mildew or mold as well as the ceilings and walls in the living spaces that are used for daily activities. This could mean that your roof is in need of be fixed as soon as possible.


Wood Rot

The signs of wood rot aren't always easy to detect - however, when you see it, it shows up in yellow or white and appears to be stringy or spongy. Wood may also turn dark brown or become brittle due to decay.


Drywall water

You can identify water that has soaked the drywall by looking for small spots of discoloration mold growth, paint that appears to bulge out, or general sagging. It may be seen on your ceilings or the walls (or both). It's a clear sign that water is leaking in to your drywall , causing further damage if not treated immediately.


Catastrophic Roof Failure From Water Incursion

Wood rot could lead to massive roof leaks. It can be difficult to identify, so look out for saggy spots on the exterior and inspect the attic rafters. A rotten roof puts the structure in danger of collapse and, if it does it could harm the rest of your home also.


How do you determine whether your roof is leaky?

It's essential to keep an eye out for indications of leaks on your roof both inside and outside your house. Watch for: never forget to contact roofing repair San Antonio.


  • Dark spots on the ceiling , or walls

  • Attic spots where light from the outside shines on the roof

  • A sagging appearance

  • Broken or missing shingles on the roof

  • Slow draining gutters , or obstructions in gutters

  • A loose roofing material can be found in the ground close to your home

  • Do not wear-and-tear chimneys and roof vents

What happens if your roof leaks?

The areas affected by water in your house aren't always right beneath the leak. Sometimes, you can trace the path of water and pinpoint the source of the leak, but most of the time it's more complex than the other. Your roof could be prone to multiple leaks, too, particularly when it's old or has been damaged by storms, hail or hail.


Contact us today to arrange an inspection. We'll be able identify the leak and repair it, if needed. If you've observed evidence of a leak, contact Shield Roofing to schedule your free roof inspection.


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