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Where to buy Old Tupton Ware Pottery in the UK?

Sep 1

Introduction to Old Tupton Ware

Old Tupton Ware Giftware is a Ceramic Pottery Brand with roots from the small village of Old Tupton, Derbyshire, England.  Two Friends decided to learn all they could about Ceramics and start their own Brand back in 2001.  Since then Old Tupton Ware has grown to become a British Brand known for Beautiful decorations and teaming up with local artists to create unique and original pottery.

What makes Tupton Ware Stand out is the intricate details, Tube line, and hand-painted products.   Only the best artisans can create the pottery and a lengthy training process is required for new applicants.  Earthenware Clay is used to creating the ceramics homeware and fired in the kiln at above 1000°c, then artists draw on the designs, Tube line is the process,  a bag filled with wet clay is carefully applied to the pottery much like icing a cake.  Another fire in the kiln and the vases and honey pots are hand-painted and glazed, before the final fire.  Tupton Ware is ready for sale.


What Ceramic products are made by Tupton Ware?

  • Mantle Vases
  • Plug-In Night Lights
  • Honey Pots with Dipper spoon
  • Spectacle Holder stands
  • Teddy bear figurines
  • Trinket Boxes
  • Milk Jugs
  • Light Pulls
  • Door Knobs

Decorations include Floral, flower patterns, Butterflies, and wildlife-influenced artwork.  The newer collections include Modern art style designs like the red 'Noon' vase.  Much of the art is created by local artist Jeanne McDougall who is a known Ceramicist receiving her master's degree in Stoke on Trent.

Where to buy Old Tupton Ware?

You can buy this unique pottery from a number of specialist retail outlets within the United Kingdom.  A number of British Online Gift shops sell pottery pieces by Old Tupton Ware.

There are not any retail outlets in the United States available right now and you will need to order from a known E-commerce platform or a UK Online Shop

Who likes to be gifted this pottery?

Old Tupton pottery makes great gifts for grandma and mum's for elegant decor in their homes.  Grandma can serve Honey in the Daffidol Honey pots for breakfast.  Mum will never lose her glasses again with a Summer Spectacle Stand.  The Modern Vases look amazing on the mantlepiece at nans house!


Poole Pottery is a popular UK brand of pottery that is worth looking at as an alternative to Old Tupton Ware.